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What Is Catfishing

And how can it affect your life negatively

Getting Catfished... ('Cat Phished' being the correct terminology)

So you’re wondering what it means to get cat fished huh? Imagine using Tinder, PoF, or whatever your go-to dating app is – when all of a sudden you think you may have stumbled across the person of your dreams. They do everything right, say everything you want to hear, and remain cool & distant. Until one day you’re on the phone with your Bruno Mars and they suddenly have a huge financial debt that only you can help them with… that is if you want to prove your love.

“This might sound crazy, but is there anyway I can borrow your credit card to pay the setup fees for this amphitheater I’m about to perform at? My touring manager never showed up and my secretary just called me saying he has covid.. touring manager is responsible to pay all responsible parties with the American Express card.”

Sounds bizarre right?

Don’t even think about asking any questions, the show starts in 10 minutes and god forbid he finds out that you only have 350 dollars in your measly checking account. So you give it to him, after all, what’s the worst that can happen? He said he’s going to pay me right back. Lol, yeah if you were actually dating Bruno Mars 



What is catfishing?

But you’re not. This whole time, you’ve been romancing with weird mid-aged bald guy that still lives at home with his mom. That ladies & gentlemen is a catfish.

By the way, if you don’t think this doesn’t actually happens, then think twice because it does – all the time.

Here is an article on a catfish, a poor woman who actually thought she was talking to Bruno Mars.

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Stopping the fishy

There are plenty of preventative measures you can take to keep yourself from getting cat fished. Let’s start with the first one, common sense – If you’ve been talking with someone for awhile and you notice yourself really starting to catch feelings & you haven’t yet met for whatever reason, simply request a FaceTime date. Don’t have FaceTime? I have a friend that always requests that they take a selfie holding a spoon to prove their identity. But there are plenty of other ways.

For one, you could perform a Reverse Phone Lookup on their phone number and see what information you get back, and then whether or not that information matches everything it should. If you don’t know where then you’re in luck, we offer have a Reverse Phone Lookup service to all of our readers.

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Being Catfished Is No Joke, Take It Seriously

I’ll leave off on a final note. Sometimes, it’s not always as simple as getting hit on by Bruno Mars. Just a few years ago there was a poor innocent 18 year old girl from Indiana who had met a millionaire from Kansas named Tyler who coerced her into killing someone and sending him photos for a 9 million dollar ransom. Not to leave off on a dark note, but you should really know who you’re talking to. If you randomly stumbled across this article then perhaps you should consider it a sign and do some diligence on the so claimed amazing Tinder man you’re about to meet for your hott date tonight.

“Woman out $100K after believing she was in romance with Bruno Mars” 
“After Alaska teen’s murder, cybersecurity experts warn of catfishing predators”
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