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What Information Does an IPv4 Lookup Provide Me?

While no personal identifiable information is directly accessible through an IP Address, your home IP can still be tired to your online identity since it is used when forming your browser fingerprint on most websites (often social media providers for advertising purposes) and that information is sold off to data collection agencies which can result in your online identity being exposed. 

What Our IP Lookup Currently Provides:

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Geographic Info

The country, state, city, and zip where the IP Address resides (longitude & latitude).

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ISP Details

Which Service Provider the IP Address Belongs to at the given time of lookup.

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Abuse Info

Provider Details & Contact Information for abuse inquiries.

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Any domains associated with the IP Address and reputation of the associated domain.

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IP Type

Whether or not the IP Address is being used as a proxy as well as proxy type (socks4/5, https).

threat statistics

Threat Statistics

The reputation of the IP Address (spamhaus, and more)

Fact Checking The IP Lookup

Debunking IP Address Lookup Myths

Many times non-tech savvy people will imagine that by performing an IP address lookup that their precise home address or personal information will emerge, this is actually not true. It is not technically feasible to identify any person or their exact location. When you lookup an IP Address, the results from the lookup will generally include a city, country, and region (provided by the ISP) – and that’s about it.

How The IP Lookup Works

Regarding the IP Address of your computer, it will be ‘reversed’ to the IP assigned to your local router (most of the time provided by your internet service provider), not the actual IP Address assigned locally to your computer. If you are at work and lookup your own IP Address, the IP Lookup result would be returned to your company, rather than the computer you are using. Whereas, if you were at your office, there is a likelihood that your company has registered its IP address. The IP address return would return that company’s domain name.

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