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5 Signs You Are Being Catfished


Sign #1 - Your Gut Says That You Are Being Catfished

Maybe it feels like it’s too good to be true. Maybe it doesn’t feel too good to be true, but something just isn’t sitting right with you. Perhaps you saw a ‘sign’ which you aren’t sure if you misinterpreted or not. Ever heard that song, “listen to your heart.” My point is, whatever the sign or feeling is, it’s usually there for a good reason and at the very least, you shouldn’t neglect the signs when your inner-self is trying to tell you something. If you aren’t familiar with getting catfished, it actually happens quite often.

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Sign #2 - Refuses To Engage In Video Chat

Do they seldomly send you pictures and always refuse to engage in a video chat when asked? This may have been believable back in the day when cell phone sucked and didn’t have FaceTime, or when computers required a webcam and additional configuration. But in 2021… yeah if we’ve been talking for several weeks and you still aren’t ready to have a video chat, you’re probably overweight and live in your mothers basement.


Sign #3 - They Won't Give You Their Social Media

So they don’t want to give you their social media… You just met over Plenty of Fish or some dating app, you’ve only been talking for a couple days and you haven’t even exchanged numbers yet, OKAY FINE, that’s reasonable. But if you find yourself far past this point, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to give you their social media. Let me guess, they don’t have social media ..right? In 2021, I understand that a person may not use Facebook – but no social media at all? Not even Instagram…? YEAH TOTALLY BRO. That’s definitely sus af, and I highly recommend doing some additional due-diligence to verify this person’s identity.

Sign #4 - Their Email Links To Somebody Else's Social Media

Were you able to obtain there email or online username? If so, I highly recommend you perform a reverse email and/or reverse username lookup on this person to see what additional information you can find. Alot of times, a username or email will take you a long way in determining a person’s online/real identity. We provide both of these services for anybody in need of finding out who their online mystery lover is.

Sign #5 - Sketchy & Distorted Voice Over Microphone

Have you engaged in a chat over microphone with them only to find that their voices are distorted to the point where it seems sketchy and awkward? Just know that there are plenty of programs out that that will act as a ‘voice changer‘ to try to make a dudes voice sound like a girl and vice versa. If you want to know more, you can find a list of programs that can change your voice on the fly here.

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overweight man using cell phone
5 Signs You’re Being Catfished: How to Spot Online Dating Scammers

Are you suspicious that someone you’ve met online isn’t who they say they are? Check out these 5 signs that you may be getting catfished. From refusing to video chat to sketchy voice distortions, this article will help you identify the warning signs and protect yourself from online fraud. #catfishing #onlinedating #internetsafety

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