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Online Identity

What Defines Your Online Identity?

"Browsers have fingers too"

Browser Fingerprinting is one of many methods used to uniquely identify a persons online identity. What is a browser finger print? Well it’s pretty much just a bunch of attributes specific to your browser, details about your operating system and ip address hashed into a number unique to your online identity. If you want to find out more details on any given IP address (such as ISP, rough location, etc) you can use our ip address lookup.

Here is an example of a basic browser profile used to uniquely identify you.

browser fingerprinting


If you’d like to perform this test yourself to see what your browser finger print looks like, you can do that here. If you’d like to prevent browser finger printing and privacy invasive javascript which facilities the execution of code that gathers more information on your online profile, then I recommend going to Privacy Badger and downloading their browser plugin.

Social Media & Advertising Agencies

Good ol' Marky Mark

So now you may ask yourself, “but what’s the point of all this trouble and effort? Who are they and what are they getting out of it? The answer is a multi billion dollar industry called advertising. Sure there are other shady things this data is being used for, but 90% of the tracking is for better ad placement and targeting. If they know your demographic, interests, etc – it places marketing agencies at a massive advantage.

mark zuckerberg on trial

If you’re wondering who these agencies are, the answer can be found on the very social media that you’re most likely obsessed with… Facebook, Instagram, Google and so on.. Of course this isn’t all legal, there are gray lines which get over looked by government if they are paid off well enough by highend CEOs. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the most recent incident.

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