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Finding Information On Any Username

....the hard way

Yes yes… there are plenty of sites that offer reverse username searches, however, before spending your hard earned money on a full report, have you considered performing a Reverse Username Lookup on your own? I’m going to give 3 simple techniques that you can use to find more information on just a username.

Tips & Tricks #1

Google.com is your friend

google search engine

I know, you’ve probably heard this a thousand times – “Google is your best friend!” – but seriously. Do you actually know how to effectively use google to reverse a username that you’ve found on a dating app? I didn’t think so. Anybody can simply navigate to Google, paste in a username and hit ‘search’. This is probably the easiest, yet worst thing you do if you’re trying to use Google to it’s fullest capabilities. Think about this, you’re at a library that has indexed all of humanity, you ask the librarian where ‘Paul938’ is – do you get my point?

Instead, try using advanced queries. Here are 3 freebies, as an example: I will use ‘Paul938’ as the username.


Facebook User Search Query:
					site:www.facebook.com intitle:*Paul938*
Instagram User Search Query:
					site:www.instagram.com intitle:*Paul938*
PoF User Search Query:
					3. PoF: site:www.pof.com intitle:*ashley* intext:*Glendale*


If you want to get more detailed. Let’s pretend I know her name is Ashley and she’s from Glendale, Arizona. I might modify the search as follows:

Advanced Google Search Results

Tips & Tricks #2

tineye reverse image search

The old reverse image search works incredibly well. Especially when you realize that 75% of all profile pictures used on dating apps are actually imported from Social Media. You know what that means? If you can grab the photo’s off a user’s dating app profile, you can just upload that image into a reverse image utility such as Tineye & easily match the picture with whatever social media accounts that they have those same pictures uploaded to / from. 

Last But Certainty Not Least, Method #3

usersearch.org screenshot of logo

This reverse username search is actually fairly powerful. It allows you to check different social media categories and then spits out a list of user profiles from social media websites so you can individually check them out to see if this matches the person you’re trying to find. You may select a single category at a time. Social Networks (Adv 1-3) each include the most popular social apps to the least popular apps. This includes standard social media as well as dating sites.

user search categories

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are many search categories to choose from.

If You Fail At The Methods Above

reversethatlookup's reverse username search

Then we recommend you use a provider with thorough and well updated database, such as ourselves. This will ensure that you’re getting up to date information closely associated with the anonymous sitting behind that mysterious online alias that you so desperately want to find. We definitely like to pride ourselves as a go-to source when you want to perform a Username Search.

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