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RTL (ReverseThatLookup) Now Offers Advanced Reports!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Lookup Reports are individually tailored towards a specific need and go into much more detail than just a standard reverse lookup.  These reports generally include names, aliases, current & previous addresses, phone numbers, date of death & death records (if deceased), relative names, DoB, where a person’s SSN was issued, driver license details, bankruptcies, liens, and so on. 

If we fail to find any records associated with the specialized report, we will refund you immediately. We are looking to establish long term and a loyal customer base that will continue to come back whenever necessary.

Your information is never shared at any point. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. Our site is secured with strong encryption keys utilizing perfect forward secrecy. 

Since we currently do not have an automated system in place, this information must be fetched manually. As soon as we see the request come in, we will start gather the information you have provided us with and start building a report. This process could take between 4-8 hours depending on how busy we are. Once completed, we will send you the information via PDF.