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Get Paid In PRE Tokens to Search

Unlike other search engines which collect as much data possible about their users and then sell it, Presearch does the exact opposite. Presearch collects as little information possible and pays it’s users in crypto currency (PRE Tokens per search) to use their search engine.

Step 1

To get started, make an account by clicking here

After you’ve made an account, sign into presearch

presearch login page

Step 2

Change Your Default Search Engine To Presearch

Here is instructions for setting your default search engine for each browser

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Start searching and you will see your balance increase

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The Rewards Dashboard

Once you’ve signed into presearch, you will find your reward dashboard in your account settings. This is where you can access your PRE Wallet and optionally withdraw your tokens. However, I highly recommend that you hold on to them. During the time of this article, 1 PRE Token is roughly .46 cents, up from 14 cents just a couple weeks ago. This token could easily 10x and much more in the future. For more details on coin data, check out Presearch here: 

presearch rewards page

What Makes Presearch Ground Breaking

First of all, this entire search engine is built on top of block chain technology (ERC-20) and is completely decentralized, which means they do not sell your data unlike most search engines we know (yahoo, google, msn, etc). Instead, they maintain the privacy of their users and reward them in PRE Tokens which can then be spent on ‘keyword staking’.

Keyword staking is a bidding system that allows you to bid on a set of keywords for an ad placement by staking PRE Token on a specific group of keywords until somebody else outbids your ad placement by staking a higher amount on that specific set of keywords. They also have a redundant and large network due to their Masternode’s infrastructure that they’ve implemented into their decentralized protocol.

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Presearch's Search Engine vs Modern Search Engines

I’ve found that the results are still very relevant compared to other search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, and even better than Bing (big surprise lol) – so it makes since to replace my default search engine with Presearch and earn rewards on the way. Not to mention, by supporting & using Presearch’s engine, you are taking a stand towards corporate giants that have had too much power for far too long.

This is a search engine of the people! We told Google & Microsoft to piss off with their privacy invasive garbage and Presearch is the solution that we (the people) have come up with.

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Presearch Masternodes

The Presearch masternodes pretty much define the core of Presearch’s infrastructure. Essentially, Presearch will pay additional PRE Tokens to run a server in the cloud that will serve as a network operator in their network, providing services & resources to the Presearch search engine. 

For people that are more techy, I will provide the detailed list of resources that masternodes provide in Presearch’s network.

Node Operations:

Registering: Registering with a Node Gateway, which can then route queries to the node
if it passes health and security validation.

Validating: Coordinating with a Node Validator to ensure that each node is only running
trusted Presearch software (to avoid security issues from potential bad actors).

Coordinating: Processing and distributing queries sent by Node Gateways. This may require routing
to multiple serving nodes and aggregating the results.

Federating: Proxying other data sources and returning their data as part of search results.

Serving: Hosting portions of the search index used to process queries.

Crawling: Crawling websites to build out search indices.

Indexing: Writing federated or crawled data to search indexes to be served by serving nodes.

masternode dashboard
Masternode Dashboard
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